Captivating Action Figure Display Design Ideas To Your Hobbies 16
Captivating Action Figure Display Design Ideas To Your Hobbies 16

32 Captivating Action Figure Display Design Ideas To Your Hobbies

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What kid and adult does not love a good old fashioned action figure? Batman, Superman, Captain Action and G.I. Joe have been delighting us for decades and action figure collecting has really become popular over the past decade. It is now a past-time of many adults and quite often a considerable amount of money is invested in individual collections. Not only is collecting great fun, a fabulous collection is an outstanding topic of conversation and a great ice-breaker when meeting new people.

If you are interested in action figures collectibles and would like to begin this fun hobby, then you need to know what makes an action figure valuable. A valuable and highly sought after figure needs to be both popular and rare. What makes a figure rare has to do with production. Just a simple change in production can make one version of the same figure much more valuable than the other. One of the most sought after action figures today is Captain Action as Spider Man. It is hard to find this figure today that does not have some pieces of equipment missing and if you should happen to run across one, hold onto it with dear life because it is worth a small fortune.

Now that you know what makes a figure rare, you will first need to narrow down the type of figures you wish to collect. Are you a comic book reader or a fan of a certain film? If so, begin there. Let us assume that you grew up watching Batman and love the comics, films and cartoons that feature the caped crusader. If this is the case, then a Batman figure collection would be an excellent starting point.

You can begin your search for figures in your area by visiting toy stores and second hand stores. Keep in mind that many of the most valuable collectibles have been found at flea markets and thrift stores, so keep your eyes wide open because you may get lucky and find a vintage figure that is worth a small fortune – assuming that it is discovered to be in outstanding condition. Take a look at online auction sites as well. The amount of money you are willing to spend will dictate how many figures you buy. Some of the older and most rare action figures can easily cost hundreds of dollars, even more if they are in pristine condition.

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