32 Elegant Diy Signs Ideas To Make This Fall Decoration For Garden

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Hearing the song again this morning got me thinking about the role of signs in delivering great customer service. Part of “hitting the Grand Slam” and putting the thrill back into customer service is to Greet Customers Sincerely. Does the greeting include signs? Absolutely!

Signs can be a great way to welcome your customers, or an instant turn-off if they convey the wrong message. Everybody remembers, “No shirts, no shoes, no service.” In this era when customers evaluate us at every turn a message like that does not work. Below are 3 tips on creating signs that truly welcome our customers.

oStart welcoming customers when they come into your establishment. The greeting should start in the parking lot. At my wine stores in Chicago there was a sign above the entrance that stated: “Thank you for choosing Sam’s.” We’re not talking brain surgery, but our customers thought it was a nice touch.

oRe-write all your signs to have a more positive tone: Do you remember those dreaded signs in urban lots that say how you will all but lose your first born if you park there? Re-write those signs! Make them positive!

I realize that some messages are inherently negative (like a towing sign!), but those signs can have a more positive tone, and so can your check writing policy. Instead of the title, “Check Policy” have a sign that says, “Yes! You can write checks. Please supply the following ID…..” Believe it or not, I’ve seen many businesses where simple changes like this can make for a happy, bustling store and workplace.

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